Delivery Services

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Use TADS to Delivery Stuff

Whether it’s a cheque, a document, a pair of shoes, a dress, a teddy bear you’re sending to your girlfriend, or a handbag that your friend is lending you, TADS will pick up almost anything and everything and deliver it. We’ll even collect cash from the receiver and deliver it back to you, or pay on your behalf for something you want to buy and bring it to you.


No more annoying calls asking for directions

Your phone is your address

Use your GPS to tell us where you are and where you want your package to go. TADS is completely integrated with Google Maps to provide the most accurate location and estimated delivery times. In the notes section, you only need to add the details we can’t get from the map, like the apartment number or the company name.


Delivery Services

Tads ison a mission to transform the way customers eat. A key ingredient of our success is having the best selection of popular restaurants to choose from.

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